Deep Ocean (2020)

Deep Ocean is a multi-disciplinary location experience where the audience is treated to a dinner while being taken on a submarine into the depth of the dark blue water. Guided by a story told by life actors (the submarine’s crew) and overheard conversations through headphones, the audience passes by magically lit images of the ocean, a dodgy laboratory and a grand finale in projections.

Deep Ocean is a co-production of Vis à Vis, Het Blauwe Uur and PLAY Productions. It tells the story of Alexandra Sterck, the daughter of Submarine captain Sterck, who is seemingly absent, but actually rebels against her father and the polluting ways in which he uses the ocean to his own benefits. In the end they finally meet eye to eye. Will the captain choose his daughter over the mission?


‘The tasty vegetarian three-course menu (inspired by ocean weeds) is barely cleared or everything starts to vibrate and rumbles, alarm bells ring. We have landed. Outside we go in three groups, headphones on, to four locations. (…) The sinisterly lit laboratory full of dancing jellyfish, mobile water larvae and squids on strong water is fun. The shipwreck is alarming: through our headphones we hear fearful screams of boat refugees turn into bubbles.

Annette Embrechts – Volkskrant

‘The scene in the laboratory is fun, where a mad professor between bubbling and musical concoctions shares her love for deep-sea creatures.’

Sara van der Kooi – Theaterkrant