Night Shift (2016)

Night Shift is a filmic location thriller in an underground parking lot, that was shown during the International Film Festival Rotterdam and at the Pop Arts Festival 2016.

The audience arrives in their own cars, or takes a seat in one of the BMW sponsored cars. Like a real drive-in movie, the film is projected on the rough walls of the parking lot. However, soon the audience realises that they are in an important location within the plot. The actors are live in between the cars and the audience, as silent accomplices, find themselves in the middle of the narrative.

Night shift tels the story of Lisa, a young therapist working for an unorthodox practice specialised in extreme roleplaying. The therapy consists of ‘stand-in therapists’ filling in the role of a missed loved one. As part of the therapy Lisa plays widower Simon’s deceased wife Gwen. But Simon loses all sense of reality. Stuck in Simon’s apartment Lisa realises she’s in great danger. Finally she manages to escape to the underground parking lot.


‘Not just the interdisciplinary character of Night Shift makes the show special, but the unique setting of it. Behind the windshield you are captured, as the darkness of the parking lot surrounds you, motors are threateningly silent and many stories above you lays the city of Rotterdam, where the night roams.’

Elisabeth Oosterling -Theaterkrant