Night Shift

Night Shift is a thrilling drive-in experience set up in an underground parking, where we see how a young psychologist explores the boundaries of ethics, bringing herself in serious danger.

Lisa works at a rather unorthodox psychotherapeutic practice, called Night Shift. Lisa’s first real job is to treat the rich, charismatic Simon. As part of the therapy, Lisa plays the role of his deceased wife. As the therapy continues, Lisa entangles herself more and more into Simon’s dark and nigrescent life. One morning, when she wakes up in Simon’s bed, she realizes that there is no way back and no way out of his apartment either…

As an audience, imagine yourself sitting in your own car in an underground parking set up like a ‘drive in’ movie-theater, looking at an exciting thriller movie. As the plot of Night Shift unfolds, you slowly start to realize that the parking lot is not just a random place, but a key location in the film. Suddenly you see how the grim depths of Simon’s crazy mind play out live, next to your own car.

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