Zeil (2019)

The storm called life

Sail is a multidisciplinary theater, film, puppetry and dance performance. It is a co production of PLAY Productions en Duda Paiva Company. Sail is a theater show about escaping yourself and the confrontation with loneliness, regrets, hopes, dreams and death 

It tells the story of a young woman who sails away from her everyday life. With the ship as her only possession she enters a blue world full of beauty. The sea however unravels herself as a powerful goddess with unexpected traits. Will this lone shipper ever return?

Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-73
Zeil 31-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-86
Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-137
Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-32
Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-141
Zeil 31-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-50
Zeil 31-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-3
Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-51
Zeil 14-1-2019_De Schaapjesfabriek-54

‘This show is a well made mix of decor, performance, projections and music (…)Duda Paiva Company and PLAY Productions deliver a true multidisciplinary diamant.’ 

Marieke Zijlmans, Theaterkrant – The critics choice! 

Sail is exciting theater, that reminds us all of our vulnerability through a solo sailing trip. I see Cat Smits being incredibly lonely, dead tired and hallucinating. Then a storm rages and a sea creature (a living doll) overwhelms her, nearly suffocates her, but eventually pulls her out of the waves (..) Sail offers me a glimpse of the end.’

Joyce Roodnat, NRC

For bookings contact: The Reus Impressariaat or Duda Paiva Company